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My Pet--Otouch Clitoral Sucking Stimulator

The pets I’ve been had in my life have been loyal companions that have brought me joy and happiness. They’ve made me smile, they’ve comforted me when I’m down and they’ve helped me through difficult times. Recently a new kind of Pet was gifted to me and in our brief time together with brought me a different kind of joy, happiness, and pleasure. The new pet I’m referring to is Pet from OTOUCH. Pet is a toy that both simulates oral sex with a rotating tongue end and offers up the suction of some of my favorite air touch toys from other vendors. The rotating end of the toy offers up four different speeds, two in each rotating direction. The...

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The 10 Key Elements That Define An Intimate Relationship

Waking up to a "good morning" message is cute and all and so is a mid-day rendezvous. But there comes a point in some relationships when you want something more than just a thoughtful text and a good orgasm. Can your significant other tell that you're sad by the tone in your voice? Do you feel like you can be your truest self around them? These are signs of what experts refer to as an intimate relationship. "It's a relationship where two people share more with each other than they do with other people, "It’s the safest place in the world when you’re scared when you’re traumatized when you feel wounded and sad," she says. In an intimate relationship, you...

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5 Sex Positions That Will Make You Actually Enjoy Shower Sex

Now that you know how to have hot shower sex, here are the 10 best sex positions to tackle tonight (and tomorrow morning, and the next...): 1. Stand And Deliver This position gives you tons of G-spot and clitoral stimulation, so you can get in and out of the shower (read: reach orgasm) fast. You can either place your hands onto the shower wall for support—or if your partner has good traction (that grippy bath mat, people!), let them grip your wrists to up the ante. 2.The Chairman Are you lucky/fancy enough to have one of those seat-shelves in your shower? If not, did you take my advice and buy one yet? You need to: This seated rear-entry position is the perfect shower choice...

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